Despite Death Threats Tristan Will Be Allowed In Delivery Room

The denial of the news that Tristan is cheating on Khloe is still taking things further. Khloe has been experiencing so much in her last due dates. The complications she’s facing and the complexities which will be faced during delivery can be worse. Kardashian family has been trying to be with Khloe and they are supporting her during tough times. Will Khloe forgive Tristan or they are just going to split? Read more to find out.

Khloe Was In Labor?


We all know that Khloe’s due date is near and we cannot just wait for the baby to arrive. There were some complications and it was said that Khloe was in labor.

Tristan’s Cheating Scandal


Tristan was seen in New York with a mysterious woman which was then identified as Lani Blair. She’s an Instagram model and works at the club where Tristan used to visit time to time.

Khloe Denied The Cheating News



The news is all over the internet and people are going crazy about it. They are just asking questions that why Tristan took these steps when Khloe’s due date was near. Khloe, on the other hand, is denying the cheating news and said Tristan will be able to explain everything.

Will Tristan Be There In Delivery Room?


Just after Cheating rumors, will Khloe allow Tristan to enter the delivery room? There’s a big question as Tristan has broken Khloe’s heart at such a crucial time. Click next to read more about this.