It is said when the Devil rings from beneath the time of death is closer. Well this Fire Devil will burn down your skin to Ashes’ as the scorching heat of the sun that waves through air & burns your skin. Across Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Southern Europe temperatures are higher than 40 C which has set forests to flames.

The Map stating the Temperature so far


Hell on Earth Major 110 Fahrenheit heatwave dubbed ‘Lucifer’ sparks to bring 15 people to rise in hospitalization.

A ‘GIF’ of meteorological aspect of the climate


In Florence the ‘perceived temperature’ which is determined by temperature, humidity and wind that has been reported at more than 50 C and still rising. As the deck is on burning flames..

A Fountain in Piazza Del Popolo in Rome for cooling the heat off


Temperatures are expected to reach beyond 35-40 degrees Celsius (95-104 Fahrenheit) in central and south Italy, according to weather reports. As a lady tries to cool off herself from the water of this fountain.

When the ‘Air Conditioner’ was ‘out of order’

Tourists queuing to enter the ‘Uffizi Gallery’ in Florence, Italy, 04 August 2017. Florence’s Uffizi Gallery was temporarily closed to the public on Friday after the world-famous museum’s air conditioning system broke down. Director Eike Schmidt stressed that there was no risk to the priceless artworks inside.

Spain plays.. The ‘heat spin off’, so as it could cool down for kiddies

Children play with a ball at night while cooling off in a water fountain during a hot summer day, in Pamplona, northern Spain, Thursday.

Heyy..!!! Like a ‘Superman’ I jump into the pond


A man dives into a fountain like a ‘suuuuppperrrmmaaannn‘ in Budapest, Hungary as he dives into the pond to have a chill for his body.

When everything got set a ‘BLAZE’


Europe on fire: A forest fire rages in Ourense, Galicia, northwestern Spain on Friday as southern Europe braces itself for days of temperatures above 104○ Fahrenheit. Setting even houses on fire in most of the places.

The Forest in North-west Spain experienced Fire that burnt down almost the whole of the forest to ashes.. As Firefighters aid to the rescue..

A battle between nature & time where firefighters make to the rescue to save the forest in this wildfire in Vilardevos, northwestern Spain. As time runs out the flame damaged almost the whole of the forest into ashes.

As it still continues to BURN AWAY..


As the member of the fire department team tries to get things under control. The fire in the forest that had already spread quite far away is to be bought under control by the fire department team.

A brief view of the AFTERMATH, after the horrifying Fire-wave


As the choppers above the ground show the view of the aftermath that had been occurred in the regions of South Italy after Lucifer Heatwave.

As people of Europe who have experienced this years terrifying heat that burnt out everything to ashes hope that such a ‘heat wave’ must never ever happen again. But it is the fact that no one can stop the power of nature all waht they can do is hope for the best & be prepared for the worst.