The Devil ‘Lucifer’ Rings From ‘The Mercury Thermo’ As Waves Approach

11 Europe countries being issued ‘danger’ warnings over rocketing temperatures in their countries. A heat wave named to be called as 'Lucifer' is been bought by the power of nature.

It is said when the Devil rings from beneath the time of death is closer. Well this Fire Devil will burn down your skin to Ashes’ as the scorching heat of the sun that waves through air & burns your skin. Across Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Southern Europe temperatures are higher than 40 C which has set forests to flames.

The Map stating the Temperature so far


Hell on Earth Major 110 Fahrenheit heatwave dubbed ‘Lucifer’ sparks to bring 15 people to rise in hospitalization.

A ‘GIF’ of meteorological aspect of the climate


In Florence the ‘perceived temperature’ which is determined by temperature, humidity and wind that has been reported at more than 50 C and still rising. As the deck is on burning flames..