The Devil ‘Lucifer’ Rings From ‘The Mercury Thermo’ As Waves Approach

11 Europe countries being issued ‘danger’ warnings over rocketing temperatures in their countries. A heat wave named to be called as 'Lucifer' is been bought by the power of nature.

A Fountain in Piazza Del Popolo in Rome for cooling the heat off


Temperatures are expected to reach beyond 35-40 degrees Celsius (95-104 Fahrenheit) in central and south Italy, according to weather reports. As a lady tries to cool off herself from the water of this fountain.

When the ‘Air Conditioner’ was ‘out of order’

Tourists queuing to enter the ‘Uffizi Gallery’ in Florence, Italy, 04 August 2017. Florence’s Uffizi Gallery was temporarily closed to the public on Friday after the world-famous museum’s air conditioning system broke down. Director Eike Schmidt stressed that there was no risk to the priceless artworks inside.