The Devil ‘Lucifer’ Rings From ‘The Mercury Thermo’ As Waves Approach

11 Europe countries being issued ‘danger’ warnings over rocketing temperatures in their countries. A heat wave named to be called as 'Lucifer' is been bought by the power of nature.

When everything got set a ‘BLAZE’


Europe on fire: A forest fire rages in Ourense, Galicia, northwestern Spain on Friday as southern Europe braces itself for days of temperatures above 104○ Fahrenheit. Setting even houses on fire in most of the places.

The Forest in North-west Spain experienced Fire that burnt down almost the whole of the forest to ashes.. As Firefighters aid to the rescue..

A battle between nature & time where firefighters make to the rescue to save the forest in this wildfire in Vilardevos, northwestern Spain. As time runs out the flame damaged almost the whole of the forest into ashes.