The Devil ‘Lucifer’ Rings From ‘The Mercury Thermo’ As Waves Approach

11 Europe countries being issued ‘danger’ warnings over rocketing temperatures in their countries. A heat wave named to be called as 'Lucifer' is been bought by the power of nature.

As it still continues to BURN AWAY..


As the member of the fire department team tries to get things under control. The fire in the forest that had already spread quite far away is to be bought under control by the fire department team.

A brief view of the AFTERMATH, after the horrifying Fire-wave


As the choppers above the ground show the view of the aftermath that had been occurred in the regions of South Italy after Lucifer Heatwave.

As people of Europe who have experienced this years terrifying heat that burnt out everything to ashes hope that such a ‘heat wave’ must never ever happen again. But it is the fact that no one can stop the power of nature all waht they can do is hope for the best & be prepared for the worst.