Did You Know Eleven From The Stranger Things Was Supposed To Die In Season One?

If you are a fan of Netflix and have subscribed to the website then you must be watching stranger things the Netflix exclusive series. There were so many moments in The Stranger Things where you could see that the character ‘Eleven’ was about to die or become weak. Yes, the creator revealed about this recently that ‘Eleven’ was supposed to die in season one itself. Have a look at what exactly they had planned.

Love For Eleven


In case you’re anything like me, and you’re fixated on Netflix’s Stranger Things, you’ll know and love Eleven: little rebel, mold symbol, ruler of nosebleeds. She’s the best.

Power Of Eleven


We as a whole realize that, toward the finish of the first season, Eleven utilized her forces to slaughter the Demogorgon, (sort of) close the entry to the Upside Down, and spare her companions. In any case, she additionally got sucked into the Upside Down subsequently.

It’s Not A Spoiler


Presently, it turns out Eleven was totally fine since she appears in Season 2 with wavy hair, which was in the principal scene and furthermore the trailer, so it’s not a spoiler.

What The Creator Had To Say


At a current Q&A session at Chapman University, the Duffer Brothers, otherwise known as the show’s makers uncovered that Eleven’s destiny wasn’t generally so wonderful.

A Limited Series?


As indicated by CinemaBlend, Ross Duffer uncovered that they initially pitched the show as a restricted arrangement, and toward the end, Eleven should die just to save her friends.

Netflix’s Decision ABout The Series


However, Netflix demanded that they couldn’t influence the show to act as a constrained arrangement – so Eleven didn’t need to die all things considered. So at the end of the season one ‘Eleven’ remained in the series to start with a new series.

Surely A Good Decision By Netflix


This was the best decision that Netflix could take for The Stranger Things. People loved this series and waited for the second season so eagerly. Thank you, Netflix for doing this.