Did You Know? Hitler Hired Women To Give Birth To Babies For Him

In hope of producing an Aryan child in 1936, Nazi supporter and school graduate Hildegard Trutz was recruited as one of Germany’s racially ‘pure’ women, chosen to sleep with SS officers. Himmler(SS Officer)ruthlessly once said,  “If we succeed in establishing this Nordic race and from this seed bed produce a race of 200 million, then the world will belong to us. The Program was called Lebensborn program.

1. Goals Of Lebensborn Program


Since the birth rate of Germany was declining at a high rate due to a shortage of men and poor economic conditions after world war I. The Lebensborn Program was launched by Nazi’s to reverse the declination of the birth rate and create a superior Aryan master race.

2. Lebensborn Home And Their Conditions


Pregnant Women who proved that their child belongs to Aryan lineage were given all the luxuries and whatever financial support they wanted. They could leave their child at Lebensborn homes where they were taken care of and given the best Nazi education.

3. The Unusual Tale Of Who Gave Birth For Hitler



20,000 such babies were born in 12 years of the Third Reich in Germany and Norway as per the records. But this tale made its way through the crowd of women who thought she is giving birth for Hitler.

4. Fascinating Footnotes From History By Giles Milton


A Loyal Nazi supporter Hildegard Trutz joined hands with female group Bund Deutscher Madel (often referred as lady Hitler group) in 1933 during Hitler’s rule.

5. Rose To Fame Quickly, Also Became The Head Of The Group


She said that she was pointed out as the perfect example of the Nordic women. Besides her long legs and a long trunk, She had the broad hips and pelvis built for child-bearing.

6. The Year Which Changed Her Life-1936


After she completed her schooling, Just like all the teenagers she got confused what next and in search of that answer she talked to BDM leader. The director advised if you are not sure why not give the Fuhrer a child.

7. After She Joined The Program


The BDM leader explained everything to her and there were many documents to renounce their child. They were asked to choose one sleeping partner. When she gave birth to the child, the child was taken to Lebensborn home to make him royal Nazi.

8. She Found The Love Of Her Life But Didn’t Know Happened With The Child The Most Bizzare Thing


Her husband found out the truth and loved her even more. What Became of her child no one knows, how could a mother be fine after all this?