Disgusting Things That Look Just Like Donald Trump

We always had a good laugh when people made fun of the current President of the United States, in fact Donald Trump willingly took part in a roast of himself. So it's okay we have a little laugh to rite? Here we have some really disgusting things that surprisingly look just like Donald Trump's hair.

This bird might wanna get a haircut!


“Don’t insult this beautiful bird!! What has it ever done to you?!?!? Lol” a viewer commented.

Donald Trump looks like Biff from ‘Back To The Future’, does he!?


One of the viewers stated a Fun fact:” The character was actually based on him.”


Shouldn’t have told the dog he looks like Donald Trump now his life is miserable.


One of the Trump haters said,”Even the dog who never takes a shower is a billion times better than Trump.”