Disgusting Things That Look Just Like Donald Trump

We always had a good laugh when people made fun of the current President of the United States, in fact Donald Trump willingly took part in a roast of himself. So it's okay we have a little laugh to rite? Here we have some really disgusting things that surprisingly look just like Donald Trump's hair.

The doughnut with a trendy hairstyle.


The donut is more composed. A tsunami is passing through Trumps hair, I’d be laughing so hard and so loud.

Now even Rabbits look like him!


One of the haters commented with a lot of description saying,”One, elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, graceful. Full of poise and intelligence. The other a wrinkly spray-tanned, ignorant old man with a bunch of hair that he found on the ground of a barber shop glued to his hair.”


Donald Trump’s hair have even influenced Sushi from Japan now!