A drinker who was declared dead after downing too much vodka in Russia woke up and found himself in a morgue.

And rather than go home to sleep off the after effects of the alcohol, the man went straight back out to re-join his friends.


The man had been at a party in the Khansanky region in Russia’s far east, drinking vodka.

After over indulging on the spirit, he passed out and when paramedics arrived they pronounced him dead.



And arranged for him to be taken to a local morgue.

He was placed in the mortuary freezer as the facility was filled to capacity with dead bodies.


But soon after, the man started to come round and was taken aback to find himself in new surroundings.

According to local media reports, he pounded on the freezer door and pleaded for help before a security guard reported hearing noises to doctors.


When they opened the door, they found the panicked man who ran from the room before he was questioned by police and then released.

Aleksey Stoyev, a police spokesman told Russian newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti-


‘That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our ‘dead’ man was allocated

‘At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was. It was very dark and cold.


In addition, his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol. In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door. But it was locked.’

After making his escape, the man decided to return to the party, he had been forced to leave in an ambulance and found that it had turned into his wake.


And one of his friends was so shocked, that he fainted upon seeing his friend.

But rather than finishing the party, See what he did


the men continued to drink to toast the ‘resurrection’ of their friend.