Dwayne Johnson Dropped The Plan Of Running For President

Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood superstar and a great man planned to apply for presidential elections but gradually gave up on the idea of being a president. The jumanji- welcome to the jungle actor just wanted to try his hands to politics but has now said that he'll stick to the acting career. The actor was overwhelmed by the response when he updated on social media about his plans. Read the whole thing to see what type of replies did he get for his plans.

That Rethinking Part


There are times when you just say things and then come home and rethink the situation. Dwayne also went through something like this and wanted to make sure he gives an answer that is truthful and also respectful.

Final Decision


Though Dwayne was planning for presidential elections, he wanted to join the politics. He has dropped that plan for now and will be sticking to the actor business.