Earthquake in Turkey and Greece leaves at least two dead in Kos

6.5 magnitude quake struck overnight between Bodrum and Greek islands, injuring another 200 people.

Tom Riesack, also from Germany, told the Guardian: “We were literally shaken out of our beds from deep sleep. The whole room was shaking and we fled the room into the open.”


This was the scene in the resort town of Gumbet in Mugala province Turkey as boats lay in ruins, washed up on the shore by the tsunami.

Television footage from Muğla province in Turkey showed hundreds of people abandoning their buildings and waiting on the streets, as others ran away from buildings on roads.


Ethymios Lekkas, Greece’s top geology professor, said Kos should expect to be rattled by aftershocks “for up to two weeks” but said that for an earthquake of such magnitude, the damage had been very limited.