Earthquake in Turkey and Greece leaves at least two dead in Kos

6.5 magnitude quake struck overnight between Bodrum and Greek islands, injuring another 200 people.

A similar 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit the island of Lesbos last month caused much greater destruction.


“With the exception of our two fellow human beings who died, the effects have been very small,” he said. “We have had a very big earthquake of 6.5 Richter and only the port and two very big buildings have really been affected by it, which is very important and shows the level of construction.”

Professor said the aftershocks would gradually reduce tectonic tension in the region.


“They will be well under five on the scale and won’t cause a problem,” he told the reporters.“I am not worried. Buildings on the island have shown great resilience because they have been constructed to strict anti-seismic criteria.”