Earthquake in Turkey and Greece leaves at least two dead in Kos

6.5 magnitude quake struck overnight between Bodrum and Greek islands, injuring another 200 people.

The professor also clarified that the tidal wave caused by the quake and witnessed in Kos port was much smaller than originally reported. “It did not exceed 70 cm and was very small,” he said.


Yiannis Glynou, who heads the technical chamber in the Dodecanese islands and is in Kos surveying the impact on buildings, told the country’s news agency: “The damage is limited to old stone buildings. New buildings on the island, including numerous hotel units, are showing almost none or no problems.”

The quake has struck at the start of the peak tourist season for Kos and Bodrum, with many travelers expected to arrive in the coming weeks.


This Saturday would typically be one of the busiest weekends for arrivals. Fraport, the German-led consortium managing 14 regional airports in Greece, says Kos airport was operating “only with slight delays”. It said the airport’s runways and buildings had all been “extensively checked” for possible damage.