Elon Musk’s Roadster Contains a Secret Message for Aliens

It’s nothing surprising when people compare Elon Musk with Tony Stark. Truth be told, people went similarly as saying that Elon is the real-life  Tony Stark. In spite of the fact that we’re to find his 1000 sq ft “Testing research center” in his storm cellar loaded with most recent Ironman suits. We’re certain that his nervy and goal-oriented undertaking of finding a man on the red planet Mars is nearer to acknowledgment than the first idea.

Falcon Heavy’s Successful Launch


February 7 was pretty special day since the space X Falcon Heavy was a successful launch. Since it was Space X, because it was Elon and because there was a surprise in the payload, it was a bit special.

A Surprise In The Payload


Elon chose to get creative, he clearly uncovered in advance that typical rockets are “Exhausting” and he’ll be spicing things up by including an original Tesla Roadster with a spaceman in the payload.

Originally Intended For Mars


It’s nothing unexpected that Musk’s fixation on the color red most likely would’ve assumed control over his cerebral cortex and that is the reason he chose to send a red Tesla roadster in a circle around the red planet till unendingness although the launch sequence went perfect, the Roadster is headed to a different trajectory.

Headed Towards The Asteroid Belt


So probably it seems that the burn was too good as the Tesla would be missing the Mars orbit quite substantially and is now headed towards asteroid belt.

Here’s Elon’s Tweet Confirming The Same


Elon Musk confirmed that the Space X program will be missing the mars and heading towards to the Asteroid belt.

Would Run Close To A Dwarf Planet


Even though there is no certain confirmation possible events that could unfold in the future, according to The Verge the car would run relatively close to the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres in the Asteroid belt.

“Don’t panic”

Including a car in the payload is one thing, including a spaceman in the car, is entirely another and when you console that spaceman with a “Don’t panic” sign, you’re Elon Musk!

It’s A Reference


“Don’t Panic” sign is a reference to a book Elon Musk loved as a child, the book is named as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. And once again, if you thought Elon would stop there, you’re wrong, because Elon also inscribed a message for the aliens.

What’s The Secret Message To Aliens?


The car would be in orbit till eternity or till some space, rock explodes it into bits, quite possibly long after we’re gone, some outsider race could find it and wonder about the audaciousness of our human race. So Elon being the forward mastermind has recorded a minor message for outsiders to peruse.

Here It Is!


“Made on Earth by humans” just when you thought no one could top “Designed by Apple in California”, Musk does this.