The 75th Golden Globes Awards were a sea of black. The powerful women of Hollywood wore black dresses to support Times Up, the campaign that aims to end sexual harassment and gender disparity across the country. The evening hit a peak when Oprah Winfrey made her acceptance speech for Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award. Her rousing words “A new day is on the horizon and their time is up”  brought the house down. It was a pretty serious night. It was all because of Harvey Weinstein.

Every One Dressed In Black


It’s because of Harvey, the 75th Golden Globe Awards ceremony held at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on July 7 all waved black. All female stars dressed in black dresses showed intense contrast with the red carpet they tread photos.

Intended To Resist The Sexual Abuse


The black dress is intended to resist the sexual abuse and imbalance of women throughout the American society after sexual violence against women of the independent film industry was revealed, “Times Up” organized by the stars and other women.

Oprah’s Powerhouse Speech To Almost Silent Room


Oprah delivered a powerhouse speech to an almost silent room. Landing line after line Oprah schooled the audience in history referencing Recy Taylor and expressing deep gratitude. But perhaps the biggest cheer in the room was heard after Oprah addressed the men who use their power to silence women with a warning, “their time is up.”

Their Attire To Convey A Powerful Message


The Golden Globes saw women and men using their attire to convey a powerful message, but Emma Stone took it to another level with her makeup. Turn To Next Page For Emma Stone’s Golden Globes Makeup.

 Star’s Makeup To Make A Statement


Stone’s makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, told Allure that she wanted the star’s makeup to make a statement, but also to match the mood of the night: solidarity. Dozens of actresses and actors wore black to the awards show as a quiet protest against the entertainment industry’s rampant sexual harassment and assault.

Inspiration In The Women’s Suffrage Movement


Rachel Goodwin discovered motivation in the women’s suffrage movement, which picked up ladies the privilege to vote in the U.S. in the mid-1900’s when the Nineteenth Amendment was confirmed. In a few states, dark ladies couldn’t vote until the 1960’s, because of voter enlistment confinements set up to deny voting rights to minorities. The Message to be conveyed by Emma Stone is on next page keep reading.

Beauty Message And To Create And Design A Makeup


“I found these incredible banners, sashes, pins, and jewellery that women of the suffragist movement wore and they all had these three colours — green, purple, white — and those were the suffragist colours,” Goodwin told Allure.

Message Emma Stone Was Trying To Convey


The whole sentiment of the night was about everyone coming together in solidarity, coming out against sexual assault, and it was this important message that we knew would be the sentiment of the night. Rachel Goodwin said, “Some people decided to hold back with their makeup, but I asked myself, ‘How can I send a message with beauty that was in solidarity with the effort?”