Do you know what goes on in a restaurant’s kitchen? If you did, you might never go there again.
Read on to know, what happened at a McDonald’s kitchen.

A guy was caught

This is Evan Thomas. A 26 year old guy who worked at McDonalds in Los Angeles.



It was a shocker for his co-workers at McDonald’s when they heard that this guy was awarded the Employee of the month. What could he have possibly done to shock his team-mates?

The deed.



Would one call it the deed or the seed? This guy had actually done this. Without a shred of apprehension.

This is messed up!


Thomas ejaculated in the “Big Mac” secret sauce. Yes! he did, and confessed it. This gross guy probably contaminated several hundred batches of the most iconic and loved burger. But this isn’t it guys. Continue reading on the next page.

This one tasted different, and they know why?


Many of the patrons of the said they’d tasted this burger at several other brand stores but this one tasted different. Little did they know about the secret ingredient.

The fortunate were saved by the news


A few patrons told, Thomas was extra nice, and had asked them out. About to say yes to him, they found out about his gross act, and they now thank the news break for saving them from this jerk. Read on to know how what happened next.

How did he do it?


By now, you’d be wondering how did Thomas do it? He had been touching himself in the staff lavatories, and would collect the sperm into a glass. He’d then blend it in with a giant batch of the special sauce.

But he was being watched.


A team-mate of this guy crossed him at the lavatory and found a cup full of sperm in his hand. He asked Thomas, what that was and immediately reported the incident to his superiors. Here’s what his superiors did.

The quick action


The superior called the police right away, and the cup was seized. People found out about this and tried moving to the court.

Wait, What?


The customers were screened immediately for STDs. Over 3000 including Thomas were screened, and luckily they all were reported negative. Thomas is facing legal action now.