Epic Graduation Fails That Will Get You Laughing

Graduation day is one such important event for all of us who have endured the sleepless hour to finally get that one single sheet of paper which makes us realize this is just the start. Jokes apart every individual if excited about his/her graduation ceremony it is one such event where we see a variety of photographs takes. Well, sometimes the anticipated theory actually fails and the results are hilarious. Find out epic graduation fails listed below and see if anyone related to you.

This grad surely flipped off everyone


Accidentally or on purpose it stated the actual truth. I hope everyone on stage heard your message loud and clear.

The woman’s hat was supposed to say “THIS,” not “HIS.”



Hope she does not wear something like this for her wedding. On the off chance, if she does the results will be hilarious.

 This girl pretended she was peeing like a dog and ripped her gown:


Well, you try so many outrageous things in the pursuit to get graduated. While the happiness makes you do so many things make sure your name is on the list.

The essential graduation nap


One last time she decided to do that favorite thing she did while she was studying. Find out more epic and shocking fails on the next page.