Even President Trump Wasn’t Spared From Jim Carrey’s Political Painting Spree

Jim Carrey the Hollywood A-lister is indeed a talented fellow. While comedy being his backbone he sure possesses some fine painting talent too. Yes, not many know about his profound hobby of painting and he sure is good at it like his acting. The Ace Ventura actor has surely got some sarcastic and serious bone along with his sense of humor which proves he does think about the world and would not step back from voicing his opinion. It seems even President Trump made it to the list of his sarcasm. Read more to find out how.

Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey has accomplished a decent lot in his profession. He has done some awesome movies like Liar Liar, Dumb And Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask, as well as some less classic films like The Cable Guy.

Jim Carrey’s Other Hobbies


Apart from being a great Actor Jim Carrey has many other talents. And it seems he is actually great at it. Some of  Jim Carrey’s hobbies include comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, producer. Jim has also written Children’s book “How Roland Rolls” winning an award for it.

Painting At Full Flare


Apart from lots of other talents, Jim Carrey also has the talent to Paint. You might not believe this but Jim Carrey has a keen hobby of painting and he is good at it.

Why Painting?


People’s choice for a hobby has some reason and same goes for Jim. Why did he choose to paint? In an interview, Jim Carrey revealed that he paints because it keeps him sane. He said “When I paint and sculpt it stops the world for me as if all time has been suspended. My spirit is completely engaged, my heart is engaged, and I feel completely free.” Why was President Trump involved in Jim’s painting? Find out on the next page…