Ever Heard Of An Earth Sandwich? Yes It Exists!

So we have come across all the weird and shocking things on the internet yet every day something or the other pops up and we wonder where did it come from. On a positive note, the internet and social media are well known to get the world way closer than we expected. Making the communication between two individuals across the planet convenient it becomes easy to collaborate ideas coming from two different individuals from the different sides of the globe. Yet did you ever come across the term Earth Sandwich? Well, it finally exists and you will you surely want to get into details.

What is Earth Sandwich?


A blogger named Ze Frank proposed a challenge in 2006 called “make an earth sandwich.” It included slapping a piece of bread on one piece of land while at the exact same time, another person slaps another piece of bread on the land directly opposite your piece.

First Earth Sandwich



After two failed attempts the first earth sandwich was finally completed after almost one month from the original challenge. A piece was placed in Spain, near Madrid at the same time that another piece was placed in New Zealand outside of Aukland. Two similar videos were made from both places and thus led to the first Earth Sandwich.

The Challenge Was Attempted Recently


So this challenge has been followed after that and recently, Lee St. John from Minnesota teamed up with his new friend, Subash Luitel, in India to again create an Earth sandwich.

It Was Created Out Of Boredom


The two got in touch on Facebook and the regular boredom chat led to them taking up the challenge. Want to know how exactly did they coordinate this task? Read on the next page.