Do You Ever Notice The Amount Of Sugar That You Take Everyday Makes You Addictive

These are some the signs that may make you become addictive to sugary stuffs. Just a lick or taste may make you want more of it

Just a lick or taste may make you want more of it, a sweet essence of something sugary can make your nose & tongue go behind it. Scientifically, sugars contain  glucose (also known as dextrose), fructose, and galactose that tend us to eat it more and more of it. For your information it can have some rather nasty side effects when exceeded beyond limits to your body.

Start of your day you add ‘SWEETNESS’ to it


It’s in your cereal, or maple syrup for your cereals/bran in the morning. It’s in your soft drink when you’re at lunch, and obviously in candy, which you have plenty of to get through the work day.

Did you know what happens when Sugar runs through your blood-stream



The symptoms that occur can be hazardous when at work or doing something as it may make you faint. As it is said that over excess of glucose may cause head ache.