Do You Ever Notice The Amount Of Sugar That You Take Everyday Makes You Addictive

These are some the signs that may make you become addictive to sugary stuffs. Just a lick or taste may make you want more of it

Metal imbalance & giddiness may come like a disaster


Lacking Metal stability(un-cognitive) state of mind, giddiness are very common to occur in kids & adults as well who don’t have control of their sugar intake, which could lead to issues at school or at work. So being or controlling your self & even keeping kids away fro  such excess of intake must be sternly be avoided.

Tired & Drained at all times during work hours is not a good sign


Sugar works like your Kryptonite(addictive crystal substance) to consume and if you’re consuming too much of it, then you’ll feel like someone just wooshed!!(wiped) the life out of you.