Do You Ever Notice The Amount Of Sugar That You Take Everyday Makes You Addictive

These are some the signs that may make you become addictive to sugary stuffs. Just a lick or taste may make you want more of it

Your sweet tooth can lead you to a Factory of Cavities decaying your Tooth


Whether you have a gap between your teeth or no, but having a cavity in the tooth is a serious problem, because the bacteria in your mouth relies on the food that gets stuck in your teeth, like sweets, which can lead to tooth decay. So as even sugary stuffs can have negative impact in your mouth’s pH balance too.

The more the sweetness, more we tend to lick till the end


Mouth watering ‘donuts’,’candies’,’sugary chocolates’,’crushed dry fruits n’ nuts chocolates’ they just keep us tempting again and again. Did you know this fact that chocolates tastes good and we enjoy eating it because our body releases dopamine during chocolate consumption a temptation to eat more. Other than that a high risk of diabetes & blood sugar levels as well.