Do You Ever Notice The Amount Of Sugar That You Take Everyday Makes You Addictive

These are some the signs that may make you become addictive to sugary stuffs. Just a lick or taste may make you want more of it

Sugars too bring cholesterol problems, they are two types of cholesterol’s Sugar brings the “BAD” one


So on towards the end of sugar world too much sugar can bring a havoc on your H.D.L.(High-Density Lipoproteins), your good cholesterol, and increase your bad cholesterol (L.D.L.) as the sugar in your blood stream increases triglyceride (store fat that your body can use for energy) production. But high triglycerides might raise risk of heart disease and may be a sign of metabolic syndromes.

Most of the Biggest Problems that your body will face is this


Diabetic people or patients are more prone to ‘gangrene’ and ‘athlete’s foot’ (a fungal infection affecting mainly the skin between the toes, it is a form of ringworm) Affecting the skin of the patients by weakening its stronger tissues & making it softer than cotton, a little cut or bruise can bleed that area of the person’s body.