In case you’re prepared to utilize this dull evening as a chance to knock your socks off into a million little pieces, look no further: We have the responses for you appropriate here. These photos are, at first look, barely noticeable as should be expected or considerate. In any case, when you take a second look and super consider what you’re seeing, your psyche will fundamentally detonate without hesitation.

From the genuine kind of Fruit Loops to the efficient hack you can utilize when your key dandy bites the dust, these pictures aren’t simply incredible, they’re in reality sort of valuable. Get ready to be stunned.

This is literally a brick road printer


It’s like a 3D printer for bricks! How awesome is that?

So many lies


AriZona Iced Tea is outsourced, which is how you know it’s a true American company.

Easter Island Discovery


More than just a pretty face, the Easter Island statues have bodies buried below the surface. We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Your footlong sub is actually a dirty lie


Because “$5 11-Inch Long” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

When these guys made a pavement like this


We bet you never knew how these sidewalks were created.

Containers turn into little plates


If you open up the box from a take out container, you’ve got yourself a plate.

Prepare for total mind implosion


Excuse me for a minute while I let my mind implode.
3…2…1… BOOM.

Pineapples don’t grow on trees!


It seems like they grow on trees, right? Nope!
Pineapples actually grow on the ground. 

This is just strange


According to their FAQ page, we’ve been pronouncing NEW-TELL-UH wrong this entire time. I’m not changing how I say it. IDGAF!

Did you know you could do this to prevent losing your gas cap?


There is a dedicated part for your car’s gas cap to find it easily! TIL and now I feel stupid.