The Evil Television Villains Everyone Love to Hate

When it come to TV villains, there are a couple who emerge among the rest. These individuals will do whatever it takes to enable themselves to wind up on top, and however it quite often closes gravely for the lowlife.

The Governor, ‘The Walking Dead’


Beside some in-battling, Rick and the gang had not met a Villain until Philip Blake or “The Governor” made his appearance. He kept his little girl Penny (a ‘walker’) put away far from the occupants of Woodbury, hoping to discover a cure.

Lorne Malvo, ‘Fargo’


Billy Bob Thornton’s depiction of the vindictive hitman Lorne Malvo in the FX series Fargo was one of evil gold. In only one season he takes out no less than 20 individuals, kidnaps, blackmails and intimidates anyone who considers getting in his way.