Exclusive Details Of Khloe And Tristan’s Potential Custody Battle Revealed

After the cheating scandal, Khloe has been really upset and had been shutting off people. The family members have reached Cleveland and they are just taking enough care of Khloe as these complications should not affect the birth of the child. The Kardashian’s are angered over Tristan for doing such things when the time for delivery was near. Now the thing that is the bigger concern is the custody of the child after birth since the drama has made things worse. Read more as the lawyer reveals details.

Khloe Gives Birth To The First Child


Khloe Kardashian’s dreams have finally come true. The keeping up with the Kardashian star has given birth to her first child in Cleveland on April 12 and everybody is so excited about it.

Unfaithfulness Overtook Happiness



The birth of the child is what is considered as the happiest moment for the parents but this happiness was taken over by the unfaithfulness of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

Custody Plans


Sadly, Tristan has been discovered cheating with various ladies dating the way back to October. So, being their relationship isn’t in the best place, numerous fans are interested to think about Khloe and Tristan’s custody plans.

Will Tristan File With Court?


After the birth of the baby girl, the question arises will Tristan file for custody in court? So many of us are wondering to whom the custody will go right now. Click next to read more about custody of the baby.