Here Are Exclusive Details About Tristan’s Mistress

The lady seen kissing Tristan Thompson days before his sweetheart Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth to a child has been seen via social media as a New York strip club laborer. Lani Blair has been over and over named as the lady the NBA star kissed while he was at PH-D Lounge, a housetop bar in Manhattan on Saturday night. A similar lady was seen in photographs with the ball player as they progressed toward the Four Seasons in New York City. They were said to have been as one for four hours previously Thompson was found in another outfit. Read more about her below.

Caught Cheating On Khloe


Tristan has been emerged as a cheater after appearing with his mistress, Lani Blair outside the New York City hotel. They have been seen together during the party and the hotel also.

All You Want To Know About Lani Blair


Blair who is an Instagram model also works late night where she serves drinks in Queen’s strip joint called club Angels. She was the one seen lately with Tristan making out on the rooftop bar.

Meeting Secretly



There are reports that NBA player has been meeting up with Blair for a secret meeting at the Queens Jingle Joint for months now. They have been seeing each other much lately.

Thompson’s Bad Boy Behaviour


Thompson’s bad boy behavior has occurred oblivious, airy room that makes up the club found in the video with the confirmation. The strip joint is crowded with a group of men and ladies wearing practically no dress as they move to loud popular music. Click next to read more about Blair.