Exclusive News! Kailyn Finally Wins The Court Battle Against Chris.

Kail is the most creative mom on the show. Apart from taking care of her kids she also makes sure she has her own individual work and also maintains her physique well. Kail has taken up a lot of projects in the past. However, another part of her life is her relationship with her baby daddies. And despite having a lot on her plate she makes sure to also get involved in various controversies with her exes. But this time Kail brings a good news and everyone is happy about it. Kail has won the court battle against Chris Lopez and here are the details...

Kail banned Chris from seeing their son until he admits paternity


The insider for the website continued, “[Kailyn’s] lawyer drew something up and they are going to the court because Chris doesn’t have any rights to Lux without signing… He’s not seeing the baby right now for those reasons.”

Kail has made it very clear that her immediate family is incredibly important to her.


For Kail, her kids are very important to her, but Chris’s family does not like what Kail is doing to them by keeping Lux away from them. Chris’s family even opposed Kail when she took the kids away for Thanksgiving!


Did Kail and Chris secretly file a custody case?


Kail and Chris have been going at each other for a long time regarding the custody of their son Lux, have they secretly filed for a custody? Find out which case did Kail win against Chris on Next Page…