When Your Eye’s Get LOST Some Where In The Trick Of Colors That Are Camouflaged

The tricks of coloring texture that become as similar to the one's that even you have & make a 'perfect' match coincidentally

We all love to live in a colorful world that brings bliss to our eyes, mind & soul, colors make them self appear to us the way we wish them to see like to be. We often have our own favorite colors, shades, textures as well. But just imagine what if.. We get lost or tricked by the same color that we see & what we have are almost 99.9% accurate not exactly common but it definitely catches your eye every time if you spot it.

What we eat is what we wear..? That is how it goes…???


Of course we are being funny at this image. It will be a confusing view to see someone eating through their belly-bowl but believe it its just a normal yellow-bowl. So…. did he purchase both items as part of a set? Is there a matching fork as well though that could be used.

A lighter to lit the color of the curtain



The lady who clicked had to go and get a matching lighter too? This person must really love this black floral print that matches her Lighter & the curtain as well, hope that she does not burn the curtains away.