When Your Eye’s Get LOST Some Where In The Trick Of Colors That Are Camouflaged

The tricks of coloring texture that become as similar to the one's that even you have & make a 'perfect' match coincidentally

A Marker is BETTER than a Teacher a new phrase to the new – generation


We have to wonder if she has outfits to match the other highlighter colors, yellow and green. But the student prefers to match the color of her dress that she has worn with the highlighter.

HOLES in the Slipper or No Holes


At first glance, you might even mistaken them for clear flip flops, but the first glance it seems to be like they too have holes in them as well as same as the shoe rack in which they are kept. These are some of the ‘Camouflaged’ items that make our eyes go round & round when seen at them.