The famous Disneyland of Walt Disney was introduced during the year 1923. Having won around 22 Oscars from 59 nominations, even today has the popularity in Animation world of creating Animated celebrities like Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Winnie – the Pooh, Pluto, Goofy.. and so on. But human made characters like the Princess Mulan,  SnowWhite,  Tiana,  Cinderella,  Belle,  Merida,  Rapunzel,  Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, and Pocahontas ever had a unique charm did you know that, take a look.

Adriana Caselotti who gave voice for Snow White


Shockingly to know about this fact that Caselotti was paid less than 1000$ for the film of ‘The Snow White’ & the voice actress was also forbidden by Disney from taking other roles.

Cinderella ‘a girl who saw poverty to richness’


This is a 1950 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney in which the stepsisters mutilate their feet — one cutting off her toe, the other her heel — in order to make the slipper fit. This animated story tale where Cinderella is pressurized to do all house hold chores for the queen who takes care of her since Cinderella’s parents died. 

Fact or another story form Cinderella


It seemed to be that there was something about her shoes that were made of ‘glittering diamond’ where as some scholars believe that Cinderella’s shoes were made of fur in the original fairy tale but were changed to glass as the result of a mistranslated aspect.

Who said that Cartoon’s don’t have trouble during their telecasting on TV..?


The famous ‘MIKE PENCE – MULAN’ faced trouble during 1999 when vice president Mike Pence argued that Mulan was liberal partiality intended to normalize “the role of women in the military.”

Disney & Pixar’s worked for a ‘HAIR’ for 3 years


Yes the Princess from the animated movie called ‘BRAVE’ who has the orange-red curled long hair which was taken around 6 Pixar research engineers and artists more than 3 years to bring Merida’s curly red hair to life, and they had to invent an entirely new kind of animation software to get it working.

What if the Hair of the Princess – Merida would have been straight


Did you ever know this that if Princess – Merida hair were straightened, it would be 4 feet long. Yes this is a truth that you could hardly have imagined about. The time & effort to make her hair with so much detail then just imagine how much long the strings of the hair is actually.

The Sign of how Royal women would be known in The Disney world


How can you classify the Richest women in Disneyland, well this is how you can. Cinderella, Belle, and Tiana would always wear opera gloves to signify that they married into royalty, whereas princesses who were born into royalty since they were born do not.

Back from BRAVE


Some sources revealed that actress Reese Witherspoon had to give up playing Merida because of her terrible Scottish accent. But her voice did suite the characters nature as well some say so.

When Ariel’s looks were changed from actress Darryl Hannah


It is said that Disney animators made Ariel’s hair red to differentiate her from Darryl Hannah, who played a blonde mermaid named Madison in the 1984 movie called ‘Splash’.

‘Aurora’ which signifies ‘Dawn’ hardly lasts to say something like princess


Aurora is an official Disney Princess playing the role, but despite having only 18 lines and appearing onscreen for only 18 minutes. This Princess has hardly got to acquire the stage to play as a role for the kids esp small girls who may admire her.

These were some of the SECRET Facts from the Famous Princess’ & The Characters of Disney Land who made their a appearances in their late 1923 & still hold their charm even today if they are put-up for the set to the kids of today & including adults.