The Facts Behind The ‘Walt Disney’ Princess And Other Cartoon’s That Nobody Knew Till Today

Some facts behind famous animated Princess from Disney world that have a unique quality in their appearance & style signature

When Ariel’s looks were changed from actress Darryl Hannah


It is said that Disney animators made Ariel’s hair red to differentiate her from Darryl Hannah, who played a blonde mermaid named Madison in the 1984 movie called ‘Splash’.

‘Aurora’ which signifies ‘Dawn’ hardly lasts to say something like princess


Aurora is an official Disney Princess playing the role, but despite having only 18 lines and appearing onscreen for only 18 minutes. This Princess has hardly got to acquire the stage to play as a role for the kids esp small girls who may admire her.


These were some of the SECRET Facts from the Famous Princess’ & The Characters of Disney Land who made their a appearances in their late 1923 & still hold their charm even today if they are put-up for the set to the kids of today & including adults.