Famous American Gestures That Have Totally Different Definition Around The World

A person’s body language describes a lot about them. While your statements and words can be controlled but not your actions. There is a funny side to one’s body language, not everyone reacts to it in the same way. And if you are in different places around the world these gestures are interpreted differently everywhere. So if you want to travel the world without creating a blunder or getting in trouble you should check these signs which have a totally different meaning around the world.

1. Thumbs-up


Who hasn’t done this? We do this everytime time. But do you realize that in nations like Afghanistan, Iran and Thailand showing a thumbs-up is viewed as an indication of childish provocation and gross insult?

2. Hand in pockets



Half of the world’s men population has this ability for putting their hands in their pocket when they’re not doing much with their hand. In any case, in Korea, it’s a sign of disrespect and arrogance.

3. Big-toothed smile


We’re told everytime to smile like it’s our last, showing those pearls like teeth. However, Japanese people consider their traditions and decorums very important, and big-toothed smile is frequently viewed as a rude gesture.

4. Fingers-crossed


In the US and some different parts of the world like India, you cross your fingers for luckiness. However, in Vietnam, you just cross your fingers when you need to be as offensive and vulgar as possible. Click next.