Some Of The Famous Rich Celebrities Who Prefer To Drive ‘Cheap Priced’ Cars

Some celebrities seem to think that life inside of a Ordinary Car is just fine. We don’t know, but there’s quite a bunch of them that just drive ordinary regular cars instead of custom-made sports cars that shout 'luxury'. But not so much fir their logical aspects of driving an ordinary car.

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe owes Fiat Punto for self


Daniel owes his own Fiat Punto car, he says that having nothing to do with class he does however drive the ultimate ride buzz of life saying, “I’ve given up on trying to look rich” now just the car named Fiat Punto is the best way.

The Microsoft – former chief executive


Steven Anthony Ballmer is known to be the American chief executive who was the former chief executive officer of Microsoft from January 2000 to February 2014 owes a Ford Fusion Hybrid that costs almost nothing for this guy.