Some Of The Famous Rich Celebrities Who Prefer To Drive ‘Cheap Priced’ Cars

Some celebrities seem to think that life inside of a Ordinary Car is just fine. We don’t know, but there’s quite a bunch of them that just drive ordinary regular cars instead of custom-made sports cars that shout 'luxury'. But not so much fir their logical aspects of driving an ordinary car.

Colin James Farrell owes a fifthgeneration Bronco


The Irish actor drives a fifth generation Ford Bronco which would cost you about $5,000 approximately at that time, now too he owes it for himself.

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks or just Tom Hanks


As we all know about this guy for the acting that he performs in dramatic movies including action & who owes $390 million at the US box, has just the Scion xB model for $15,000. These were some of the celebrities who prefer to drive simple without much expense for their ride.