Fans bashing Maci and baby Maverick? Here we have another controversy where the fans are bashing Maci and baby Maverick! To know more about the controversy read the article…

1. And baby makes three…

Maci Bookout surprised her fans yesterday when she announced that she is pregnant with her third child. The Teen Mom OG star, who, up until yesterday had given no indication that she was pregnant, wrote in an Instagram post that she and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, are expecting a baby boy. In an interview with MTV News, Maci stated that she is due May 30.

2. Pregnant?

While the news no doubt surprised fans, it also concerned many others, due to Maci’s frequent drinking on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Maci told MTV News that she found out that she was expecting right after Taylor proposed to her. (The proposal took place during Maci and Taylor’s trip to Los Angeles four weeks ago. Farrah Abraham and other ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast and crew have confirmed this.)

3. Troll alert!

This Twitter user, who has previously gone after Javi Marroquin, started posting about Maverick. His entire time line is bashing Teen Moms! His six-year-old son, Isaac — who he shares with Kailyn Lowry — was upset about missing his stepdad, Javi Marroquin!

4. FAS?

Another troll commented saying that Maverick looked like he could have Fetal Alchohol Sydrome! “I want my dad,” he cried, though his mother reminded him that his father was present for the occasion. However, it turned out that Isaac wanted his “other dad.”

5. Sweet baby!

This is the picture they’re talking about…Mav looks fine to us!Isaac and Javi always had a strong bond, so we’re sure the deployment and divorce announcement were not easy times in his life. It’s clear Javi is still making an effort to be part of his life.

6. Repercussions?

Not ONLY are the trolls all pediatricians now, they all seem to think they are law enforcement too!
Ugh, these people need to get lives!

7. Maci cannot post pictures of baby Maverick until MTV allows her

Due to a contract with MTV, Maci cannot post pictures of baby Maverick until MTV allows her to. (With previous babies on the shows Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 the mothers were allowed to post pictures usually when the baby is around 4 months old). However, with this baby they were allowed to post a video of him right away. Since his birth we have not seen any more pictures until now.

8. Maci’s mom is not under contract

Maci’s mom is not under contract and has released a rare photo of herself and her husband with 2 of her grand babies.

9. Maci holding her new born baby

Unfortunately, we can’t see his whole face, but it’s enough to clearly see that he is absolutely adorable! Plus, he’s got a good head of hair.

10. Welcome Maverick!

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