Fans Take Revenge On Khloe By Trolling Her On Twitter

Khloe Kardashian was cheated upon by her baby daddy and boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Despite knowing he was guilty Khloe decided to stay put by his side and showed as if everything was normal. While all the fans were on Khloe’s side during her difficult time when Tristan was out cheating on her, Khloe disregarded the pleas of her well-wishers and still continued her relationship with the NBA star. It seems fans were hurt by Khloe’s act and decided to take revenge on her. Read more to find out how Khloe was trolled publically.

Khloe Kardashian forgave Tristan despite his acts


While everyone wanted Khloe to leave Tristan Khloe did the exact opposite and stayed put in Cleveland. Khloe did not pay heed to her family’s wishes and made sure she stood by Tristan’s side.

Khloe’s act showed that Tristan matter more to her than anyone



A lot of people were disappointed when Khloe named her daughter True with the last name Thompson despite the NBA star’s cheating spree. This clearly meant Tristan means much more to Khloe than anyone else.

Everyone was on Khloe’s side in her difficult time


Koko’s fans stayed on her side and badly trolled Tristan on social media. Tristan’s social media was full of comments from fans. “I hope every time you walk in a crowd someone steps on the back of your foot.” — @wakeupbishop

Now Khloe gets trolled badly by the fans


Khloe is constantly sharing updates of her workout sessions. She got badly trolled by fans on Twitter. Read more to know what happened on the next page.