Farrah has been described as the worst mother on the Teen Mom show, she is a bad role model and a very bad influence on her daughter. Fans have hated and commented on Farrah’s actions time and again, but Farrah doesn’t seem determined to change her way of life. Farrah has slammed the Teen Mom by making some serious allegations. Read the article to know more.

Farrah has a daughter!


Farrah has a daughter named Sophia who is forced to study at home due to her mother’s decision of homeschooling. Farrah has taken many bad decisions in her life, including working for the adult film industry.

Farrah’s bad decisions!


Farrah has worked for porn industry before and fans have hated her decision. Just when people thought she wouldn’t do it again, Farrah did a live cam show for CamSoda just a few months ago.

Previously Farrah was slammed for ‘sex shaming’


Farrah explains, “Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behaviour against a professional hard working, honest mother.”

Farrah was tortured with hate messages and taunts!


The constant taunts that Farrah is facing, makes you wonder, why is Farrah being targeted so much? How long will she be able to sustain such verbal attacks? But Farrah has a perfect answer to all of this, find out what she has to say on Next Page…..

Farrah says she has suffered a lot, has she??


Farrah said, “My daughter, my family, my self-have all suffered for the contrived, malicious hate crime against me. God is great as I have risen above and am a success beyond all of these setbacks! I look forward to sharing more in my first.”

Farrah called Teen Mom “fake”


In a recent interview, Farrah was asked a very offensive question. The producer of the show Freeman asked her to choose between her career as a Teen Mom or her career as an adult entertainer. Farrah gave him a shocking answer, read on Next Page….

Farrah points out the shows double standards!


Farrah said, “I responded, ‘Who the f–k are you to tell me these are my only choices in life?'” she said. “Especially when MTV has capitalized off my sexuality. They enjoy harassing me about my sexuality. I’m open about my sex positivity, as it’s a horrible place to be shamed for a healthy sex life while the crew, colleagues and production allow sexual harassment.”

Farrah said it’s unfair for production to single her out for her sexual behaviour.


Farrah explains, “Many other moms on the shows have had more sex with multiple partners within the last three years than I have or gave birth again to another child over the past three years, yet I’m the one with less sexual partners, children and leading a positive lifestyle with growing businesses.”