Farrah has been through a lot in the past two weeks, Farrah was almost fired from the show, she was in arguments with her co-stars for a lot of reasons, her mother Debra recently got married to the love of her life and now Farrah does something totally surprising! A recent update from the show says that Farrah just recently sold off her mini-mansion, but for how much? Read the article to know….

The unpredictable Farrah!


Farrah has always been very unpredictable in the show, you would never know what she would do next, from being in a relationship then doing adult films. Farrah has always surprised her fans!

Farrah was rumoured to be pregnant!

Simon recently posted this shocking snap on his Snapchat captioned “Pregnant bag.” The picture had an emoji of a pregnant lady!

Farrah decided to sell her house because of her pregnancy?


We know that Farrah Abraham has an innocent eight-year-old daughter Sophia, who is now into homeschooling thanks to Farrah’s bad decision. With the pregnancy rumours spreading quickly, Farrah sold her house too.

Farrah was trying to sell her house for a long time!


Even though Farrah had filmed her reality TV series there when Farrah tried to sell her house a few years back in 2014 for $750,000. But now she finally managed to sell it, you will be shocked to know how much, read on next page…….

Farrah had bought the house in 2013.


Farrah’s mini-mansion is about 3,300 square feet with plenty of space for TV princess Farrah and Sophia to roam around in. That house seems very luxurious!

The house has an amazing interior and exterior!


This amazing mini-mansion has beautiful French windows, a charming arched Tuscan style window and lush Cyprus trees, palm trees, rosemary bushes and gravel. You won’t believe how much did Farrah sold her mini mansion for, read on next page….

Some of the attractive details….


In the interior of the house, the kitchen has a bar, and plenty of room to dine. The house even has a backyard with an area to BBQ, a swing and a kid’s play set with yellow slide.

The shocking price that Farrah sold her house for is….


The Teen Mom star Farrah managed to sell her Mediterranean style mini-mansion for $520,000. This is a very shocking amount of her initial price to sell was $750,000. The teen mom is disappointed as she didn’t get enough from selling, what she had paid for when she bought the house n 2013!