Farrah Finally Unfolds The Mystery Behind Her New Hollywood Love

Farrah seems to be going through a lot lately and it is no mystery that she is the only Teen Mom who gets most drama to the reality tv show. At the same time, Farrah is also the one who is involved in most controversies and has a huge negative fanbase. She is also often commented upon for her bad parenting decisions. Yet despite all this Farrah still has time to date and earlier it was noted that she was dating her mystery lover from Hollywood and we were all eager about who it is. Finally, Farrah decides to unveil the mystery for all of us. Read the article to know.

Farrah always manages to get into the negative limelight


Farrah Abraham is one of those Teen Mom stars who loves to be the center of attention. And she takes all measures to be the popular one on the show. Unfortunately, things don’t turn up as she plans and faces negative criticism from her fans.

She is also blamed for her bad parenting



Being a mother to a daughter, Farrah’s decision of getting into the porn industry was totally wrong. It was expected that she wouldn’t do it again but Farrah did a live cam show for Cam Soda just a few months ago.

Farrah’s porn career has also affected Sophia in many ways..


Farrah’s career in the adult film industry has exposed Sophia to such an extent that Sophia is expected to be like her mother. Sophia’s recent Valentine’s day proves it…

Sophia’s post on Instagram for Valentine’s day!


She captioned it  “Countdown to #Valentinesday like ….”. The video featured Sophia dancing and singing to lyrics “You got a fetish for my love / I push you out and you come right back / Don’t see a point in blaming you / If I were you, I’d do me too.” Farrah is going out on dates with her mystery lover from Hollywood and she has finally revealed his identity. Find out who Farrah is dating on the next page…