Farrah REJECTS Amber’s Reconciliation Attempt!

A shocking update that just made things more heated up, Teen Mom Farrah has rejected Amber’s reconciliation attempt. Read the article to know more…

It all started when Amber and Farrah last crossed paths


The feud started over a topic of intense discussion, when Farrah’s comment’s made against Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier by Abraham’s ex Simon Saran, who allegedly referred to the tell-all book author as a “pedophile.”

Amber and Matt defended


Farrah said some really negative things about the couple, but Farrah doesn’t believe the couple’s intentions are pure.

Farrah’s legal representative sent a cease and desist letter to her Teen Mom co-star Amber.


The notice requested  Portwood end communication and interaction with their client over “false and defamatory statements” made about Abraham to the media. It was said that Portwood had physically harassed Abraham.

Amber did not like it.


Amber thought it was rather unnecessary, she said, “I have no interest in discussing Farrah or having any dialogue with her or her legal team. I’d strongly prefer she keep my name out of her mouth altogether.”

Amber said that she is ready to give their friendship another try


She said, “We used to be friends, but, I don’t know what happened. I think she did things for publicity. I still love her to death. She knows that.”

Despite their differences over the years


Amber said, “With her, it’s on her terms, I’m not really putting any effort into it or thinking about it.” Do you think Farrah will accept the friendship? Read on the next page to find out….

Farrah made it clear she has better things to worry about in life


Farrah said, “I would want to bury that hatchet, too, but I’m never wrong, I’m a great friend; I’m a stand-up individual and in the same sentence she wants to be friends with me, she always says I’m crazy.”

Farrah rejected Amber’s reconciliation by saying…


Farrah reject Amber’s reconciliation saying, “I just am on a whole other level of my life and I’m focused on my daughter and not on her.”