A lot has been going around in the show, for Farrah, her time in the show has been very difficult. Farrah has been constantly facing negative remarks from her co-stars, fans and producers for a long time now. Farrah is a mother of a single daughter Sophia, who she has been taking care of since a long time. Now her ex-boyfriend Simon announced her pregnancy? To find out more, read the article…..

Clearly not the best couple.


A few months back Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran were a couple, clearly not the best couple. They thought they were going to make it till the end but things went bad since then.

They are just friends now, Are they?


Farrah and Simon broke up in March, the couple claims that they are just friends, after their breakup in March. Simon has always played a weird role as a sort of resident agitator. You won’t believe the kind of speculations that have been made about Farrah, read on next page….

The couple was good at picking fights! But will they be good at taking care of the new baby?


As he was always seen picking fights with Amber Portwood, Matt Baier, and other cast members. Farrah never made good choices in life like her ex-Simon or her out of the box career choices.

Fans are going crazy over pregnancy rumors. What will Farrah do now?


We know that Farrah Abraham has an innocent eight-year-old daughter Sophia, who is now into home schooling thanks to Farrah’s bad decision. Farrah has been speculate of being pregnant? Whose the baby daddy? Find out on next page….

A latest news surfaced that she’s pregnant?


Farrah’s past career in the adult industry is why she was regarded as a bad influence for her eight-year-old daughter Sophia. Will she still continue to work in the adult industry after being pregnant?

Debra Farrah’s mother, was shocked to hear about this news.


Debra, Farrah’s mother who just got married to the love of her life, a wedding which even Farrah attended. It is huge shock to the whole Teen Mom franchise that Farrah is pregnant! Find out the shocking truth on next page…..

The shocking picture that Simon posted!

Simon recently posted this shocking snap on his Snapchat captioned “Pregnant bag.” The picture had a emoji of a pregnant lady!

From being fired to getting pregnant!


From being fired from the show for all the wrong reasons, to now being pregnant without any notice! Farrah’s life is a roller coaster that no one would like to ride on!