Presenting you the MOST Desirable & Legendary Movies that came up to make a ‘Milestone’ in everyone’s Life. Inspiring by imagination & the impact of getting reality to fiction & fiction to life.

From DARK Knight he made his Fame by being the ‘JOKER’ – the Laughter – that made the world cry.


Heath Ledger made his theory of how life can be like through “The Dark Knight – 2008”. His dialogues are still a motivational one’s “Why so serious..??”,”I am a dog chasing guy, i don’t know what i’ll do if i get one..”,”Madness is like gravity.. all it needs is a little push..” These are the dialogues that are still remembered in his name, during the time of his Oscar’s. (R.I.P. – Heath Ledger.).

“Call me ‘Bond..’, James Bond…” This Legendary movie made its place since the year 1962


Actors like Sean Connery(1962–1967, 1971 and 1983); David Niven: 1967; George Lazenby: 1969; Roger Moore: 1972–1985; Timothy Dalton: 1986–1994; Pierce Brosnan: 1994–2004; Daniel Craig: 2005–present. Made this movie to run into our throats for ever, even today. Though being as rated ‘A’ category in most other Broadcast Countries yet it has made its place in the Hollywood Film Industry in USA, UK, etc.

When the ‘LORDS’ were called.., Gandalf heard and made the Eagles fly


According to the ‘LORD of THE Rings’ theory, the wizard(Gandolf) decided he’d share his plans with the other members of the Brotherhood after they had reached the forest of Lorien, where they had been hidden from the Eye of Sauron.

A Classic American Musical Movie – Grease


Released in the year 1978 John Travolta named as (Danny) & Olivia Newton-John as (Sandy) made a chemistry of Love & Dance in the College days of their time. But has a sad ending for Sandy.

STAR WARS – Jar Jar Binks was really a Sith..!?


Considering that Darth Sidious (Sheev Palpatine) was a male human Dark Lord of the Sith was the one who appeared in the first six Star Wars saga films. No wonder his actions brought so many problems to the good guys! Whereas in Episode 3, Jar Jar actually became a member of the corrupt Galactic Senate.

The Matrix – Triology


Started during the year in 1999 up till  2003 even without inventing additional theories. This time, they’ve come up with an idea that Neo is actually a machine, and the underground city of Zion — the last ‘Hope’ of humanity — is just another level of virtual reality that is been created.

Titanic – A Love story that has bought your hearts sunk in tears.


A story that makes you Fall in Love again & again. When Jack(Leonardo DiCaprio) & Rose(Kate Winslet) were deeply in love for one another on one end Rose was not much happy with her marriage life, where in the ship she happens to fall for Jack likewise Jack too falls for her. And both decide to escape from the ship, but unfortunately the ship sinks & Jack looses his life except for Rose who happens to live & tell her Love Story.

Mad Max – The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


One can find many symbols and metaphors in the post-apocalyptic movie Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), where The film is set in a future desert wasteland where gasoline and water are scarce commodities.

Pulp Fiction (1994) – Is there a devil in the briefcase


The Movie states that the devil takes out a person’s soul through a hole in the back of his or her neck, the movie is like more of a black comedy & a crime film likewise which connects the intersecting story-lines of Los Angeles mobsters, fringe players, small-time criminals, and a ‘mysterious briefcase’ from no where and having the code 666 – The devil’s Number.

The Harry Potter & his wizard witchcraft’s – Do Hogwarts exist or no


When you try to reach to a world beyond the human thinking then the fans across the world watching the famous “Harry Potter’s Series” are wanting to experience the world just like (Daniel Radcliffe)(lead character)-as Harry Potter himself. Even like the other characters of the movie who have special powers that can swing the world from one corner to another. Other famous characters like Hermione Granger(Emma Watson) & Ron Weasley (Rupet Grint) as well.

These were the most of the best Movies that are still remembered up till toady & still have a glimpse of spark yet in them even today. Hope you’ll agree.