She Feels Like her Skin Is Ripping Apart Just 4 Days After Her Tummy Tuck, She Discovers The Truth In The Hospital

This woman felt like her skin was ripping apart just 4 days after her tummy tuck, she soon goes to the hospital for a checkup and discovers the truth. Find out more about the story in the article.

Fix Me!


“I was very happy on the day of the surgery. I woke up bright and early and I was very excited, I went shopping, I wanted something new to wear after. The doctor said he’d never seen anything like this before and gave me antibiotics. But my parents demanded that they fix me. My insides were opened and I was ripped.”

Getting Stronger!


“He redid the wounds and sent me home. The next time I went back in wasn’t there and his partner looked at me but also sent me home afterwards. ”