People are crazy about fidget today, every kid or be a adult are crazy about this amazing toy. What is so special about this toy? Does it really cure anxiety? What is the purpose of this device? Read the article to know more.

1. What is a fidget?

A fidget is a toy which apparently relives stress by rotating. It was first invented in the late 1990’s but gained popularity recently in the year 2017. The companies have often marketed it by saying that it has many health benefits, these benefits are still in question.

2. How does it work?

The mechanics of a fidget is very simple, a basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center which when rotated keeps on rotating due the rolling motion of the ball bearing.

3. Design.

A fidget is made of variety of materials and is made in various designs, design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic.

4. Health benefits.

We all have heard from many fidget spinner sellers, they advertising them as stress relievers, and some even claim that they are helpful for kids with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, and anxiety, according to U.S. News and World Report.

5. Anxiety groups.

It is surprising to know that the fidget spinners and fidget cubes have been popping up in anxiety groups on Facebook and touted as remedies for overwhelming worries, also parents have found them useful for their kids.

6. So are they?

It has been confirmed and noted by scientists that anxiety can affect the whole body, most notably the hands and fingers, and can include shaking, tingling, restlessness, and cramping.

7. A tool to help children deal with difficulties like paying attention and feeling comfortable in class.

8. Kids fidget when they are doing tasks that are not stimulating enough to sustain their focus.

It has been observed and studied that gaining sensory-motor inputs through fidgeting can stimulate a child’s brain and allow them to focus on their present tasks. The clicking, spinning, and twirling children and adults can do with fidget spinners and cubes help to keep hands busy and provide a distraction or sensory stimulation for those with specific mental health issues.