Find Out If Your Password Falls In The List Of Easily Hackable Worst Passwords Of 2017

Everything today is related to the internet and the multiple logins and signups and the most important essential things that keeps this all intact and protected is the password. While many of us just put in whatever initials we want to or sometimes just act lazy and put up things that are easily known about us and can be easily guessed. A top security company recently unveiled a list of top 100 worst passwords of 2017 and a lot of the common ones were there on the list. Surprisingly a lot of these are easily ‘hackable‘. Check out if your password falls on this list.

#The common numbers


The usual common passwords have been the numbers. Be it “123456789” or “12345678”, 5 of the top 10 passwords are the numbers from 1 to 10 thus making them easier to crack.




This one is the no. 1 on the list and deserves an ovation. This the worst password of all. Well, there are other things than numbers too have a look further.

#Password? password


If someone happens to tell you their password is the word ” password” itself, you might think they are witty. But not anymore this password is very common and ranks 2nd on the list of worst passwords.



The next on the list is “qwerty”. Although it might be easy to type and remember it sure isn’t the best alternative for a password. It is the 4th on the list of worst passwords.