Ford and GM Are Revamping Production Their Facility For Auto Business

The coronavirus crisis across the globe had completely halted the manufacturing industry. Amidst this virus outbreak, various automakers had overhauled their production facility to meet the demand for protective gear and ventilators.

Meanwhile, the two U.S. auto manufacturers Ford and General Motors (GM) who had to retrofit their factories to supply ventilators to the United States government are revamping the facility for the auto business. According to the data published on TechCrunch, these two companies have delivered 80,000 ventilators.

“In WWII, GM and Ford went from autos to tanks,” Peter Navarro, assistant to the President and Defense Production coordinator said in a statement. “They have helped turn America into the world’s ventilator king, thereby saving lives both here and abroad in a massive win for the Defense Production Act,” he added.

GM Partners with Ventec Life Systems

On Monday, GM delivered its 30,000 ventilators, fulfilling its contract of supplying the lifesaving ventilators to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The company partnered with Washington-based Ventec Life Systems and completed the government contract within 154 days. They revamped the GM’s electronic components facility at Kokomo, Indiana. During the timeline, they used 1,000 workers to make the production possible.

Earlier, GM estimated that it would cost them around USD 750 Million to retrofit the part of the engine plant, paying for the new equipment, and paying the employees. However, the final contract was finalized at USD 489.4 Million contract with the U.S. government. Under the contract, GM would supply VOCSN V+Pro, a device that has 400 components. Before its partnership, it investigated the cost-effectiveness process of sourcing 700 components for Ventec’s VOCSN.

“Our drive to put critical care ventilators into production was fueled by thousands of people at GM, Ventec and our suppliers who all wanted to do their part to help save lives during the pandemic,” Mary Barra, GM CEO said in a statement. “It was inspiring to see many people achieve so much so quickly.”

Ford Teams Up with GE Healthcare

Ford joined forces with GE Healthcare to produce ventilators in the name of “Project Apollo” effort.  On Friday, the company delivered its final 50,000th ventilator, The Detroit News reported. Even though the company was supposed to deliver its Model A-E ventilator unit contract in July, it was delayed due to the new vendors, Bloomberg reported. These two companies inked a contract of USD 336 Million with the U.S. government.

The “majority” of the workers who have been working on the assembling of the ventilators will have the opportunity to be hired on a full-time basis for the production of the 2021 Bronco SUV in Wayne, Rachel McCleery, Ford’s spokesperson said in a statement. According to the company, over the period it has produced 75 Million of PPE, 19 Million face shields, 42 Million face masks, and 1.6 Million isolation gowns. Along with this, it partnered with 3M Co., to produce over 32,000 air-purifying ventilators.

Current Scenario

According to the DHHS representative the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile has now 112,000 ventilators and so far has not to fall any short of ventilators. Meanwhile, the dependence of ventilators has been declined over the months across the globe as they’re shifting to incubators.