The couple went for a Trip to Boston (America), as stated to be that Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. The two decided to have a sea way route to Boston having to be a romantic trip of their life time that they could spend across Boston. Take a look.

The see-off from the Couple


Kirsty and Ernesto Bertarelli enjoyed a morning at sea above their super yacht Vava II docked in Boston harbor on Wednesday. Going makeup free and wearing a beige dress with her hair loose, Kirsty and her billionaire husband waved at well-wishers as they posed on board. Liz Hurley happens to be married to Switzerland’s richest man, making her the UK’s richest woman.

The Yacht that costs more than £250,000 across the seaboard hailing to Boston


The vast 314 ft- long ‘Vava II’ swimming across the bay was commissioned for former Miss UK & her husband.

And they were set to GO…


As they departed away looking & smiling to their well-wishers & people who came up to their send-off. By wearing a beige dress with her hair loose, Kirsty and her billionaire husband looked delighted to be enjoying their day on the ocean.

Next stop BOSTON..!!


A memorable joy ride in the vast 314 ft- long ‘Vava II’ that was heading to Boston with just the two of them. The on-board yacht swims across the sea with a slight sun-rise view making the day pleasant for a dock ride.

Romantic memories are the best to stick as one


It is said that Mr Bertarelli does not lavish all his money on extravagant yachts though rather does plenty of charity work. But for a memorable life time trip is not always possible, so one’s in a life-time is the best experience to be with your fiance on a yacht trip, a day to be remembered for a lifetime.

The Queen & The King in their Yacht ‘Love Nest’


The former beauty queen was in high spirits as she relaxed on the boat, which has a costly and luxurious guest cabins 4 boats to ferry passengers to shore by this the two make a royal swim across the coast.

A Closer look to Life up till 43 and moving up


At (43) Kirsty Bertarelli finds her self to as achieved all the prosperity of her life time that had to be completed. For her to be Miss UK was an achievement of a life-time for her career.

And the two began their Journey..


The good old days & the good coming days are what the couple have expected to be in for their life-time. A picture taken of the couple in the America’s Cup Ball in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2003

The Contestants for the title of becoming ‘Miss World’


Right corner kneel-down contestant is the title winner for United Kingdom’s Kirsty Bertarelli along with the rest of the contestants.

She still looks forward for days to come & see how much her life can be made full of surprises that she awaits. More over her hubby also supports her for whatever she wills for. Hoping to be joint as happy as ever.