Tattoos that went Horribly WRONG – When ever you make a tattoo especially by “words” always be careful of the ‘GRAMMAR’ part in it.

While making tattoos especially with ‘letters’ make sure of the ‘Word’ & the spelling

Grammar matters always.. No matter what language is used to ‘define’ one’s self.

If you are diabetic still it is advised to never disclose your secrets

Medically ‘pee’ is acidic that has various acids like ammonia & other toxic wastes how can you tell its “sweetness” when there is no ‘sweet’ except acidic substances.

A ‘Slap’ to Michel Jackson’s Appearance through a tattoo

Yes indeed “He touched so Many”, but except for this tattoo artist unfortunately. If MJ would have touched the artist would know how to ‘tattoo’ the KING of PoP

‘Your’ what is “mine”…???


Emotional attachments drive people closer & crazier, but they have got nothing to do with ‘PARTS of SPEECH’. If the “your” word is rechecked then you’ll will get a sentence that would be like “Because You are mine, so I walk the line..” would be much better.

Daddy’s surely gonna CRY..

A ‘halo’ upon the “Aingel” will confuse the Angel’s to look down upon us. God have mercy on us.

Definitely you’ll need to g’oo’ ‘too’ a PROPER sc’hoo’l

When was the last time you attended your elementary school-ing. We think you’ll need a proper “SCHOOLING”  lessons.

Ooppss…!! What did I miss…???????

Attractive ‘FONT STYLES’ make a complete tattoo Art.. But if you “miss” a Letter that will not just ruin the Art but also your appearance as well. The missing ‘t’ in the stronges has weakened the whole appearance of Tattoo Art.

Always make sure that you re-think on sentences before ‘tattooing’ them on your body & ‘where’

We guess it is where nature has given us to do for pooping work. Every human follows the same function. well we guess some may have other alternatives as well.

To everyone & ‘Else’ & what “elese”

Framing sentences with the right set of words, letters are the key source to be grammatically right. But some just want things to be more than “FANCY”

Another ‘word’ in the song that even Jon Bon ‘Bovi’ didn’t know about.

A new “It’s my Life” song has taken a new TURN from the 2000’s generation time & made it appearance again with “one” extra word in the song. Enjoy the new song’s (word) – with rest of the song remaining the same. And the surname of this singer might make you think of someone new & similar to Jon Bon Jovi.

Has ‘writing’ ever been a Punishment, then you got to check this out

A ‘letter’ written in the arms & hands is always safer than a locker’ except if someone burns your that portion of the hand.

May be NOT the best treatment option for body dysmorphia

  Being discriminating for some might not be good even for you. Tattoos of such must not be “Revealing” & offensive . Re-think before you paint them on your self.

We guess he too does not have either of the TWO.

Money gets ‘OVER’ along with Party Bitches that’s all for the Night & over Night.

Give an Advice even through tattoo with the ‘Right sense’

Similar meaning ‘WORDS’ might confuse the Reader.

From whom do you ‘take & hear’ Orders…??

well, this guy want’s to mention that his Order is ‘No more’ on service even for others & as well as for him.

Reader’s will surely “REGERT” this

Regert or Regret doesn’t matter.. Predicting the work might save the dignity of self- righteousness.

Regret ‘nohing’,’knowing’, or is it ‘Nothing’

Being specific in choosing WORDS is very important, because though works may go wrong but the “Homophones” might ruin even more.

Approach to a proper ‘Tattoo Artist”, though if you go wrong somewhere

Lil’ Wayne himself &  the Girls both won’t like the combination of a sign-signature tattoo to taboo.

Tattooed ‘Rayban’ sun glass have better eye contrast not only in sun but even in shade.

Being “sarcastic” in appearance the feel of replicating expensive sun glasses by means of tattooing them may satisfy some customers. If you like it, you can go for this style as well.

Are you in ” You’re ” Life

The tattoo with a similar ‘homophone’ can save you if they are not shown in public. But tattoo’s are to be shown but in the right manner &  with ‘Correct’ spells.

Never object Law enforcement officials by any means..

What. The. Hell are you up to…??? Abusing cops face to face by words is also dreadful, but tattooing that on face & if you approach in front of them. They might Bust you out for such reproachful behavior.